Verizon’s FiOS Mobile App Now Allows Customers To Watch Live Streaming TV On The iPad

If you’re a Verizon customer and have an iPad then download the updated FiOS mobile app for iPad as it will allow you to watch live streaming TV on your tablet.

Verizon had initially announced plans to launch the app with the ability to stream live TV channels, but when the app hit the App Store, the feature was missing.

According to Engadget, Verizon is currently allowing customers to stream 75 TV channels on their iPad. It does not include all channels in the FiOS TV lineup, but it’s a step in the right direction.

It is important to note that like most live TV streaming apps, Verizon customers need to connected to their home Wi-Fi network for it to work.

Verizon has also improved the remote control pairing process in the latest update.

You can download the update via the Updates tab in the App Store app or using this direct download link if you haven’t downloaded it.

It’s a pity that cable television and internet service providers haven’t been able to work out a deal with content owners to allow users to watch television channels live on their tablets while on the go (over cellular network).

Channels currently available for live streaming

Via: Engadget

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  • Uriah Romero

    I’m sure those who have FiOS are excited about being able to stream live
    TV to their iPad’s; I know I would be if I had to wait that long. I’ve been
    able to stream live TV to my iPad for the longest time with the DISH Remote
    Access app and a Sling Adapter connected to my receiver. It’s nice to catch up
    on my shows while I’m on break at DISH where I work. I really like that I can
    be anywhere I want unlike with the FiOS app which has to be at home in order to