Vimeo App Updated With New Look, Sharing, and Background Uploading

2012 11 28 09 18 40

Vimeo has updated their iOS app (free and Universal) with a new look, easier sharing to Facebook and Twitter, video discovery,  and background uploading.

From the Vimeo blog:

Hey, up here. We’ve got an important announcement, so if you could look up from your phone for just a second, you won’t regret it. Ready? Vimeo just launched a totally reimagined iPhone app that’s awesomer, sleeker, more beautiful, way awesomer, and also much more awesomer than ever before. OK, now you can return to your phone’s soothing glow. The rest of this post will be counting the many ways the app is awesome.
From Vimeo blog

2012 11 28 09 18 49While the version notes are pretty sparse (there is a note that video editing has been pulled from the iPhone version, no word on the iPad version):

What’s New in Version 3.0

– Navigate simply using the brand new tab-based design

– Quickly view and browse videos via the brand new Feed view

– Share videos natively with Twitter and Facebook

– Automatically share your video to Twitter and Facebook after uploading

– Upload your videos in the background so you don’t have to stop watching

– Manage your Watch Later queue
From: iTunes App Store

The app description waxes poetic:


The new Vimeo iPhone app is the fastest way to watch, create, and share Vimeo videos on the go.

It’s totally reimagined to be awesomer, sleeker, more beautiful, way more awesome, and also much, much awesomer. The smarter, more intuitive design makes uploading, browsing, and sharing ridiculously easy.

Take your feed on the go, enjoy a Staff Pick or Vimeo Channel while in line for lunch, or catch up on your Watch Later queue as you relax in the park. Whoa, that dog is doing something crazy! Film it and upload your video right from the app. You can even watch more videos while it uploads.

Here’s some of what makes the new Vimeo iPhone app amazing:

• Conveniently manage and watch all your videos on the go
• Quickly search for videos from the entire Vimeo catalog
• Discover new and amazing videos in the Explore tab
• Upload easily from your camera roll or shoot right from the app
• Continue using the app while your videos upload
• Share any video via Facebook, Twitter, email, iMessage, or copy the link and share how you want
• Watch videos from your Vimeo feed, Watch Later queue, or your uploads or likes
• Easily like videos, comment, and add to your Watch Later queue
• Do it all super fast

We hope our new iPhone app makes you happy! Vimeo for iPad users, worry not: your update is in the works.

I’ve always been more of a YouTube fan, and that’s where we have our channel for video how tos, but Vimeo has managed to hold its own over the years.

Which is the service you tend to go to for videos? Is Vimeo just fighting for second place or does it have a real shot. Great app or not, if you don’t have eyeballs, you don’t have business.

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