We have iPad mini and iPad 4th Gen in Hand; Unboxing Videos Coming!

The Apple Store in Downtown Vancouver was open early today, and word is that lines weren’t bad. Certainly were fine for me!

Just back now from the quick train ride into Downtown Vancouver to check out the Apple Store there. Turned out the store was open early today and after I took a quick shot of the store:

2012 11 02 08 57 54

I picked up a little chit to get an iPad mini 16GB (black) and iPad 4th generation 32GB (black). While waiting for the nice woman to bring me my new gear I picked up a smart cover for the mini, a few lighting to 30-pin adapters (they didn’t have the lightening to VGA, DVI, or HDMI in stock), and…

Yes, I finally got an iPhone 5 (with a case).

2012 11 02 09 51 01

I’ll have unboxing videos up here shortly.

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  • Dan

    Are you referring to two different iDevices (when you iPad Mini [and] iPad 4th Gen?
    I would use a / to convey the same message if I were referring to just one product.

    • Sam

      He is referring to 2 different products. iPad mini and the new full size iPad (4th gen) which is modified with faster processor with lightning connector.