What does a Google Voice Search vs Siri Head-to-Head Sound like?


Google Search for iOS recently added a Siri-like voice search to their app so folks have been testing it against Siri for speed, accuracy, and the inevitable humor factor. Gizmodo posted a video with a head-to-head comparison last week, pretty interesting stuff where the apps both hit and miss.

First, watch the video:

Not bad. I don’t know how they filmed the test whether it was side by side live (I don’t think so) or one after another. However, it seemed to me that Google beat Siri hands down in pure speed. Accuracy? Mixed bag.

When I asked Siri “I’d like a coffee” I got a list of places nearby (though the last time I did that I got “I bet you do”), Google search results for coffee:

What’s your take? Have you tried the apps head to head? Chime in, we’d love to hear your thoughts.

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