Why Do You Jailbreak?

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When I was still on the fence about getting an iPhone (a couple years ago now), lots of my friends had them already and a goodly number of them jailbroke their iPhones right off the bat. Couple years ago there were a lot of good reasons for it (personal hotspot just one of them) and when I got an iPhone I jailbroke it pretty soon after I got it. Myself, I didn’t get a lot out of a jailbroken phone, so I reverted back. But this leads me to pose this question to you: Why do you jailbreak?

My reasons for jailbreaking in the first place were pretty straightforward. As a geek I felt that I needed to know how to do it, it’s just a skill like making a Linux boot USB that everyone should know. Then there were a few things that the iPhone didn’t support that I thought I wanted/needed. One of those was the ability to be a WiFi hotspot, but I didn’t buy that app and soon after iOS supported it (and so did my carrier). Eventually my need to have a more generic iPhone to test apps and use for examples won out over being jailbroken.

At a certain point I just realized that I wasn’t getting anything out of having a jailbroken device, so I reformatted and went back to my last backup. I haven’t really been tempted to jailbreak my iPhone (or iPad or Apple TV) since, but I’ve always wondered what are the key reasons people do jailbreak and keep their phones jailbroken in the first place.

That’s it…why do you do it? What to you like about having a jailbroken device? What limitations have you overcome?

I don’t know if your answers will convince me to jailbreak my primary phone, but I have a 3GS sitting around that might be a good candidate for it.

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