Why the iPad Mini is the Perfect Productivity Device


When it comes to getting things done, you need to be able to keep tabs on your progress no matter where you are. Wtihout a doubt, iOS devices and apps have helped countless people do just that. There are a variety of apps that serve to enhance your productivity, and with the introduction of iCloud to the mix not too long ago the possibilities of what you can do on the go are vast.

And that was before the iPad Mini hit the scene, which – after careful consideration – is the perfect productivity device.

The iPad Mini has a lot going for it in the productivity space. Unlike its cousin, the iPad, it isn’t large enough in form factor to be considered a true replacement for a MacBook. That means the iPad Mini can augment your workflow in the same way the iPhone can, but the size is ideal for reading – and to-do apps. It can fit in a bag along with a notebook computer if you want to have all of your devices with you, and each of those platforms will do certain things better than another. The iPad Mini won’t take up a ton of room in whatever carrying case you’re using for your notebook (I have a Booq Bag for my MacBook Air and my original iPad’s size makes it impossible to bring both devices along), and it also won’t take up much room on your workspace as you use your notebook to get your work done and use the iPad Mini to deal with your workflow management.

Another reason the form factor is ideal for task management is that the screen isn’t as large as the iPad’s, meaning that you are going to be able to digest what you’ve got on the go a lot easier. In the case of the iPhone, its screen size may be large enough to deal with task lists, but the navigation isn’t as easy as it is with the larger screen on the iPad Mini. But why not use the larger iPad then? Well, this may seem a small thing at first glance – no pun intended – but if you can see more at first glance on your to-do list, overwhlem has a greater chance of setting and inhibiting your progress.

(That doesn’t mean that you still don’t run the risk of missing something – especially if it is buried within your task management app – but seeing less on your plate from the onset means it’ll be easier to digest…and see through to completion.)

The iPad Mini’s size also makes it easier to do things with just one hand. You can grip it with one hand more securely than the iPad, and that frees up your other hand to check off tasks as you go or take notes in an app like Penultimate with a stylus. Better still, you can type in a similar fashion as you can on the iPhone, which means more efficient typing. All in all, anything that speeds up processes can also help with effectiveness over time, and the iPad Mini’s form factor lets you do that in spades.

The iPad Mini is the ideal addition to your existing workflow. Whether you pick up an iPad Mini to act as a reading device or as an upgrade an existing tablet, know that you’ve picked up a piece of technology that can be your perfect productivity device as well.

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