Will OS X 10.9 Be Called “Lynx”?



Apple has been naming versions of OS X after large cats from the start. With Mountain Lion, we all were wondering what the next cat would be. Apple is running out of big cats to name its OS after. Rumor is today that OS X 10.9 might be named for a much more diminutive cat—the lynx.

CNET is reporting based on a post on AppleScoop that the next code name is lynx:

This report comes from a reliable source who claims to have talked to someone from inside the walls of Apple.  This source claimed that he saw some internal papers that seem to be finalizing the name of the operating system, although the same source couldn’t say when Apple would be finalizing its name and announcing it to the public.  We here at AppleScoop think it’ll be during the 2013 annual WWDC.

Back in 2003 Lynx and Cougar were added to Apple trademarks for OS names, so Lynx could work. So could Cougar, but man the jokes…

If you’re curious about about the lynx as a critter, Wikipedia has a nice post on them.

Yes, a bobcat is a species of lynx, in case you were wondering.

Canada lynx by Keith Williams from Flickr.

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