Writing Kit Gets Major Update—Improved Dropbox Syncing and Local Storage


Writing Kit, one of the best iPad/iPhone apps for writing in Markdown, has just pushed out a major update to the app that finally fixes the annoying “conflicted documents” issue with Dropbox.

Writing Kit is an app that is a freakin’ power tool for writers like Mike Vardy and I. Writing in Markdown let’s us move from Mac to iPad to iPhone (and back) with ease, then we can turn it all into nice clean HTML in a blink. Writing Kit also sports:

  • Built in browser with easy send to editor in a click.
  • Integration with Instapaper for pulling in articles that you’ve already saved
  • Export options galore

 However, although I really liked Writing Kit, it did have issues with Dropbox. Switching back and forth between my Mac and iPad and back would often generate an additional file called “Conflicted Copy”. That just rots for keeping one copy of the post to work on (or share).

 According to the author, the whole Dropbox sync system has been re-written to fix that:

What’s New in Version 3.5
This is a major update. Please consider reviewing the app on the App Store to support further development — thanks!

Writing Kit 3.5 comes with a total rewrite of the Dropbox integration code. Prior to this version, Writing Kit saved a local copy of your Dropbox folder on the device and tried to keep its data in sync. That never worked well and led to all sort of troubles — one of which is the annoying ‘Conflicted Copy’ issue.

Version 3.5 no longer goes down this road. It now supports 2 different storage for your documents: The local device and Dropbox. You no longer need to pick a folder to link Writing Kit against; it automatically gives you access to all your Markdown and Fountain documents. Changes you made to your Dropbox documents are reflected instantly — no more refreshing required.

Your synced Dropbox documents from earlier Writing Kit versions will no longer be kept in sync. They have been moved to the local storage so that you can sort them out manually using iTunes File Sharing. This only happens the first time you run the update.

Other changes include:

– Redesigned document listing with distinct icons
– Recent Documents list: access 10 most recent edited documents on either your device or Dropbox
– Separate Refresh button: this replaces the old hard-to-find pull-to-refresh action
– More reliable syncing strategy: better performance and less conflicted copies
– Faster Preview with bundled MathJax library
– Back, Forward and Open in Browser buttons in Preview screen
– Support for dictionary lookup, Google, Bing, Yahoo search in addition to DuckDuckGo in Quick Research

Via: iTunes Store

While Byword is an beautiful and elegant app, it’s Writing Kit that is a real writing and research power tool. If you’re serious about writing on your iPad—or iPhone—try Writing Kit. I promise it’s worth the $5. With Writing Kit (plus an external keyboard) I can pound out posts with minimal distraction and maximum power. This is a must-have writing app.

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