Check Out XVIDA Boomerang: A Kickstarter Project for a Very Unique iPad Stand


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XVIDA has launched a Kickstarter project to make one of the most interesting, innovative, and adaptable stands I’ve ever seen. Once you check it out, I think you’re going to want to back it right away—I already have.

You look at this stand and say, “yeah fine it holds up my iPad at various angles, there are other stands that do that too…” and you’re right there are, but that’s not the genius of the Boomerang. The genius is on the back. It’s the connector that allows you to quickly pop your iPad off a desk stand tuned for perfect typing with a keyboard or using as an additional monitor onto a wall mount or a mount for your car without taking the stand off your iPad. When I switch around from carrying mode to travel typing mode I have to remove my iPad from all the cases to put it into the ZAGG Folio. The ZAGG is great, except when you just want to read something in portrait mode.

This is different. This is unique. Watch the video below for some insight into this project:

As I said above, I already backed the project at the $50 level (which means I get the desktop stand) and I hope they meet their goal of $40,000 to start producing so I can have the functional art on my desk (third monitor FTW). XVIDA has less than a month in their Kickstarter, but I’m not too worried, I think once word gets out about this project it’s going to take off. Really who wouldn’t want this kind of versatility that might let you just have one iPad stand/protector for almost all situations.

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XVIDA has an extra touch that I think pushes this project over the top to the “yeah this should get funded” level—XVIDA has said they will open source the connector part of the stand, so we could see a range and ecosystem of different accessories to go with it. Imagine a stand that works with your Smart Cover, that you don’t have to take off and can go from being on a stable desk stand to something that works with a portable keyboard to mount in your car to mount on your wall.

Go check out the project and let me know if you don’t agree that this might be the iPad stand we’ve all be waiting for.

Important Update: When I wrote (and backed) this Kickstarter I didn’t read carefully enough and the $50 level is just for the table stand…no Boomerang to get a Boomerang you have to back for at least $65. You can do combo-backing to get the Boomerang and other accessories, which is what I should have done…if I had been reading more carefully. Sigh. Thanks to all of you who pointed out my goof.

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