Apple Updates “12 Days Of Christmas” iOS App To Offer Free Apps, Songs, Books, Music Videos And TV Shows

12-days-of-christmasApple has updated its “12 days of Christmas” iOS app for the upcoming holiday season.

In case you’re hearing about the app for the first time, every holiday season, Apple makes a certain selection of its iTunes catalog, which includes apps, books, music and TV shows, available for free through the app.

The app will start displaying offers from the 26th of December, with new content being made available for free everyday till the 8th of January. There’s a catch though—offers expire within 24 hours, so you’ll have to be quick in claiming them. Apple notes that the offers would be available on through iTunes on the desktop as well, in case you don’t have an iOS device.

Last year, Apple offered Coldplay videos, Lady Gaga songs and Top Gear episodes for free through the app.

The app is only available in Canada and Europe.

Update: As pointed out in the comments section below, the app is also available in Brazil as “12 dias de presentes de iTunes.” Thanks Glaux! Do tell us if the app’s available in your country as well.

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