362 Million Mobile Devices to be Shipped in Q4 2012–A Tech Holiday for Many

It’s going to be another tech-powered Holiday this season. IDC is expecting 362 million mobile devices to be shipped in Q4, mainly driven by holiday spending. It’s not just smartphones either, tablets are growing by leaps and bounds as well.

It really shouldn’t come as a surprise really. Samsung and Apple are dominating mobile device shipments this quarter and between smartphones and tablets, getting a desktop or laptop this holiday season just seems passé. Via GigaOm:

After the dust of this holiday season settles, it’s very likely we’re going to be looking at yet another quarter for the mobile industry that was dominated by Galaxy and iDevices. In a new report, IDC says Samsung and Apple will continue to lead the way in smartphone and tablet sales this holiday quarter as part of an estimated 362 million mobile devices shipped worldwide, which will be worth $170 billion, both records for the industry. Via: GigaOm

Looking at the charts from the IDC report:

2012 12 10 10 28 44
2012 12 10 10 28 13

You can see both how Samsung and Apple are the major players (together commanding 40% of the market) and the rest of the manufacturers picking up the scraps and how we don’t want our tech stuck in one place.

Here’s what will be interesting to watch for next year and the years to come. Will desktop machines rebound as people find that tablets let them do what they needed laptops for in the first place. Myself I know that my late 2008 MacBook Pro is getting on in years. It’s had a great run and in spite of dents and and scuffs, I think I’ll be able to get more time out of it. The question is what will replace it. Right now, I think it might be an iMac. Why? I need a laptop less and less with my iPads at hand. Not perfect yet by any stretch, but certainly getting there. Maybe in a year or two as laptops start needing to be replaced the desktop will surge back in popularity.

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