All 3,600 British Airways Pilots to Get iPads


British Airways is betting big on iPads. As part of huge investments in it’s flight crews, all 3,600 BA pilots will be getting iPads in the cockpit as some point in the future.

British Airways isn’t the first to bring iPads into the cockpit of commercial carriers (in fact this is really just an expansion of what BA had been doing already), but this is a pretty big bet in the iPad’s favor I’d say. From the BA press release:

By having access to additional real-time operational data, shared with ground colleagues, pilots will be able to plan the flight more efficiently using the most accurate information available pre-departure.

This means our flight crew can provide customers with faster and more accurate flight information than ever before. With the latest operational updates customers will be better informed and able to make plans if their flight time has changed for any reason. (British Airways)

Now, maybe we’ll be able to use our electronic devices more during flights. It’s really pretty silly how the rules are now, isn’t it? You can’t say the devices might interfere with navigation if the pilots are using them during the flight for navigation. Just hope they stay on job and not get into a game of Scrabble or something.

Via: Mashable and British Airways

Photo from British Airways

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