Angry Birds Turns Three and Unleashes The Pink Bird on the Pigs

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The Angry Birds Franchise is one of the best selling iOS games of all time. With Regular, Seasons, Rio, Space, Star Wars, and even Bad Piggies apps (not to mention toys and all the rest), there doesn’t seem to be any stopping Rovio. Today, as it happens, is the 3rd birthday of Angry Birds and with birthdays come presents, this time for us!

Here’s what’s new in version three from the release notes:

What’s New in Version 3.0.0 Happy Birdday! Can you believe that Angry Birds is turning three? We sure can’t! Celebrate with 30 NEW LEVELS, birdday cake, and the bubbliest bird ever — Pink Bird! But watch out for the cake — it’s not a lie, but it packs a BIG punch!

Party with 15 new “Birdday Party” levels and some EXPLOSIVELY delicious cake!

Pop pigs in 15 new Bad Piggies -themed levels!

Say hello to Pink Bird!

Full iPhone 5 support!

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The pink bird is already in Seasons, and is…interesting. She forms bubbles around objects, the bubbles make things float, then when they pop come crashing down. Simple and fun.

iTunes link: Angry Birds HD for iPad and Angry Birds for iPhone

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