Apple and LG Win Patent Battle Against Alcatel-Lucent

Apple and LG Electronics have successfully fended off a patent suit from Alcatel-Lucent over video compression technology.

Unlike the loss yesterday, Apple and LG’s argument was based on the fact that they already pay into an industry pool to cover licenses for the patent and Alcatel-Lucent was just trying to extend the patent in to technologies that are covered by newer (and different) patents. From Bloomberg:

Apple Inc. and LG Electronics Inc. didn’t infringe an Alcatel-Lucent SA unit’s patents for electronic devices including phones and computers, a jury said.

The verdict today came after a trial that began Nov. 27 in federal court in San Diego over a 2010 lawsuit by the Paris- based company’s Multimedia Patent Trust accusing Apple and LG Electronics of copying video-compression technology that allows data to be sent more efficiently over communications media, including the Internet and satellites, or stored on DVDs and Blu-Ray disks.


Attorneys for Apple and LG Electronics told jurors that their companies had already paid the Multimedia Patent Trust for the technology covered by the patents from an industrywide “pay-as-you-go” pool.

They said the trust is trying to broaden the scope of its intellectual property to cover new electronic advances in the allegedly infringing products based on technology that supersedes the patents.

Via: Bloomberg

Alcatel-Lucent’s logic must have been something like “yeah we know you pay already, but we think you should pay more…” however, Apple and LG must have made a pretty persuasive argument that the patents in question just couldn’t be extended beyond he scope they cover.

Sorry Alcatel-Lucent, the money grab isn’t going to work this time.

Scales of Justice by mikecogh from Flickr.


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