Apple Courting Chinese iOS Developers

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With Apple poised to launch the iPhone 5 and the new iPads in China this month, Ars Technica is reporting that Apple is starting to court an essential part of future success in China—Chinese iOS App Developers.

One of the strengths of the entire iOS ecosystem is the wealth of great apps. To have apps you need developers, and while we’re often focused on English language apps, Apple certainly isn’t. According to Ars Technica:

Apple is doing its best to make it clear that it takes the Chinese market seriously, and another recent sign is the Thursday release of a Chinese language version of Start Developing iOS Apps Today. The online guide, written by Apple’s internal Developer Publications group, is designed to help developers get started making their own apps for Apple’s mobile platform. In addition to translating the guide into Chinese, Apple has included a feedback form encouraging questions and comments from a growing number of iOS developers based in China.


Still, the large catalog of apps available in the App Store is often cited as one prominent benefit of the iOS platform overall. It only makes sense that Apple would want to stock the App Store in China with apps developed by Chinese developers for Chinese users. That should make the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch even more attractive to the rising middle class in a country with a population estimated at over 1.3 billion.

A boom in Chinese-language apps in the App Store will be a significant coup for Apple and make selling iPhones in China that much easier (not like it’s hard now).

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