Apple Found Guilty of Violating Three MobileMedia Patents

News is just breaking now that Apple has been found to have violated three MobileMedia patents. Few details available right now.

This came via Bloomberg’s Twitter account:

We’re not sure which three patents that Mobile Media holds Apple has been found guilty of violating, so we’ll keep you updated as we learn more.

MobileMedia is a company owned by Sony, Nokia, and MPEG-LA and previously won approval for the screen rotation patent suit to proceed.

The Verge found the three patents in question:

The Verge dug up the three patents infringed in the patent. One of them is the call rejection patent (US 6253075), another is one that details a way to control call status like hold,  end or what have you (US 6070068). The third is one for a mobile communications device that contains a camera, display, CPU and input method that can transmit a captured image to another device (US 6427078)

More as this develops.

Scales of Justice by mikecogh from Flickr.

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  • grim reefa

    The words “stones” , “Glass” and “Houses” spring to mind Apple. Maybe next time dont throw sh1t at people as sometimes it gets thrown back or by somebody else.

    • Pacomacman

      Don’t be such a turd… This could easily have been Google, Samsung or Microsoft instead of Apple. Just looking at these patents it’s clear this is another patent troll!

      • JCT

        ohh and the patent for a square device with circular edges should have been given, hell patent on oops you moved the option too far down sling back should not have been given

        • grim reefa

          Indeed. At least somebody on this site has common sense.

      • grim reefa

        And thats exactly my point! (square with round edges) Many of mobile tech patents should NEVER have been granted in same was as majority of the ones that Apple b1tch about should NEVER have been granted which takes me back to my original post/point which obviously went waaaay over your head to comprehend.

  • AT&T Rapes Me

    They’ll buy there way out of it, because they can! Who cares theirs a billon dollars coming from sumsung

    • grim reefa

      Firstly its “There is” or “There’s” not “Theirs”. Second, Apple will never see that money from the case. Its been thrown out in just about every other court they have tried it in and looks like the verdict is going to be overturned in the silly US court aswell.

  • wth

    They have a patent for having a back cover on the phone?