Apple Hires Former Windows Hacker Kristin Paget to Work on Its Security Team

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If there is an indication that Apple is getting really serious about the security of iOS, OS X, and its devices it’s the news that Apple has hired noted hacker and security researcher Kristin Paget to be a part of the team.

According to Wired Paget was hired by Apple in September (according to her LinkedIn profile) as “core operating system security researcher at Apple”. What makes this important for Apple is that Paget was key in locking down Windows Vista for Microsoft—something that she only now can talk about publicly:

But in 2011, the NDA expired, and she spilled the beans on her Vista hacking at the Black Hat Las Vegas conference. In short: Microsoft’s security team had expected Vista to be pretty clean when Paget got her hands on it, but they were wrong.

Paget and company’s bug-hunt was so successful, in fact, that it forced Microsoft to push back Vista’s ship date. When the work was done, the hackers received special T-shirts, signed by Microsoft Vice President of Windows Development Brian Valentine. They read: “I delayed Windows Vista.”

If she can do the same for iOS and OS X, I’m betting that not only will the OSes be more secure, but harder to jailbreak as well.

Now, won’t that make things interesting around here.

Photo from Wired by Jean-Philippe Martin

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  • Casey

    Looks like my dad with earrings, wig, lipstick : ( lol.

  • Jb

    It is a he. If you don’t believe me google his/her name. See pics.

    • Tudor Ghinea


      • Justin

        This Guy isnt lying! Kristin Paget is an open transgender and is KILLING jailbreaking for all of us.. Go follow her/him on Twitter and tell her/him TO PLEASE STOP!!

  • Jb

    Or images I mean

  • goze18

    guess this means less frequent jailbreaks :(

    • BoatBoy

      I thought IOS and Mac’s were unbreakable :( I have been lied to all these years????

      • Evan

        Definitely. Even though iOS jailbreaks may be waning, there are certainly viruses for Macs.

  • Noneya

    You don’t need to Google anything to tell Kristin Paget aka “Chris Paget” is a male. The good thing is this shemale will make our OS a little more secure but a little more difficult for the Jailbreak scene.

  • bonedude

    I was a loyal apple user for many years but I have recently switched to the galaxy note2 for this very reason. Tired of waiting for a JB to be able to do what I want. I used to hate android fan boys. What is wrong with me?

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