Apple Makes Jailbreaking More Difficult In iOS 6.1


While we patiently wait for the untethered jailbreak for iOS 6, it looks like Apple continues to work hard to up the ante in the cat and mouse game with jailbreakers.

iOS hacker and security expert Stefan Esser aka i0n1c has tweeted that Apple has added more protection, which will make it tougher to jailbreak iOS 6.1.

It is widely speculated that iOS 6.1 beta 4 is the final beta and Apple could release iOS 6.1 in the first half of January 2013. Though Essar hasn’t provided any further details, jailbreakers should follow the golden rule and avoid upgrading to iOS 6.1 when Apple releases it to the public to increase their chances of jailbreaking their device.

Apple has released four beta versions of iOS 6.1 developers (beta 1, beta 2, beta 3, beta 4), but we’re yet to discover any major new feature for iOS device users, which indicates that iOS 6.1 is probably a security update to make it even more difficult for hackers to jailbreak it.

It has been more than 3 months since iOS 6 was released, but there has been no clear indications that a jailbreak for it will be released anytime soon, so all we can do is continue to wait patiently.

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  • Slick

    oh man sad news :(

  • Xay

    Yea sad news

  • AlexSchwartz01

    The dream jailbreak is a fake The video is not available and before they removed the video it was edited!!

  • Dan

    Seems like there’s a spy within the jailbreak team…. Leaking info to apple so they can patch it up

  • Brian

    Well at least the JB team is still trying!!!

  • dean

    they cant jailbreak iOS 6.xx because the only way is to have a dev account so its not legal to release, muslenerd can update redsnow for old devices 3gs/iphone 4/ipad 1,2 but iPhone 4s/5 iPad 3/4/ sadly these lads aint got the skills…… are only hope is comex but hes not working on a jailbreak, and pop2g also aint working on one….. for me we need goehot back on the scene without lime rain we would not be this far but he wont come back after all the abuse……….. i think the jb is over

  • Jsmith

    Stop trying to cover for the JB team. They can’t cut it anymore. They act like they are all concerned about the legality of their “failbreak.” Come on, lets face it just doesn’t work and they are defeated.

    • Ganjinbuu

      I totally agree, this is the beginning of the end of jailbreaking, I do believe apple is getting some inside info or someone from the JB team crossed over. Either way I guess its time for a Galaxy.

      • Drusenija

        Whilst the lack of a jailbreak being available sucks for those wanting to jailbreak, it’s actually a very positive thing from a more general consumer perspective. No jailbreak means they haven’t found an exploitable security flaw in the device, which for the masses is actually a very good thing.

  • Ury

    I think they got sold to Apple :( its been quite to long already

  • peros

    Daim!!!!!!! :(

  • Waqas

    If there wont be a jailbreak people will start buying android phones :( please keep the iPhones alive we are with the jailbreak hackers. Come on guys we appreciate your work. Keep the jailbreak alive!!!

    • Tong Shao David Kim

      I know lots of people that have iPhones b/c of jailbreak. They are currently about to switch to Androids b/c iPhones are rubbish without JB. Please fix!!!

  • Sebastian Rasch

    Ye really sad news. Above all browser changer is a very important hack for me, but I like other hacks like AdBlocker, App Language Switcher and IconRenamer very much as well. Without it, it wouldn’t be the same since I don’t like Safari at all (neither on OS X nor on iOS).

    • Wing

      You can download Chrome to 6.x and kiss Safari good-bye

      • Sebastian Rasch

        I’m using Chrome of course since it came out but that doesn’t change the fact that there is no way apart from a Jailbreak to make it the default browser. So every time I open a link from another app, it opens in Safari again.

  • pacman23

    they wil be back and we will get a jailbreak .. for you people that say they wont .. then why do you keep coming to the site and looking to see if they have hahah

  • dean

    not covering up…….. there is no way to jail break ios 6 at the moment with a dev account…… its a fact……. but i will say they wont release a jb for ios 6.xx because there scared of getting sued like geohot with sony…… musclenerd/ planet being/ pop2g/ comex wont stop going on jail break events so everybody now know them which is abit dumb if you ask me…… but they want the fame

  • dean

    just to add……… unless geohot or comex start work on a jailbreak it wont happen……. none of the otheres have the skill to do it now…….. because if they did they would they have made thousands off cydia for releasing jail breaks and jason frreman the owner of cydia is now worth millions……… fact

    • Sebastian Rasch

      Oh so this is a fact, is it…

  • lee Xiao tong

    Main reason people start leaving ios to android..Apple sucks real bad this time

  • chiko

    Cant beat hackers

  • the new guy

    LISTEN GUYS WAIT WAIT WAIT AND THERE IS NO SPY IN THE JAILBREAK TEAM……. don’t doubt the jailbreak team they will have it all sort out soon very soon……… guy

  • the new guy

    let me know if that site work or it any use

  • eldukie

    How about some more gratitude for all these guys and the hard work they’ve put throughout the years.

  • Mitwali

    More Jailbreaking difficulty means more poeple moving to other OS..

  • JBandP

    people who say that ios6+ will never be jail broken don’t understand how hacking works. they make security we find the vulnerabilities. its just gonna take a while.

  • Vincent

    Cydia needs to come out because i really love customizing my iphone i wish people will allow the Dev Team to go forward with things so all of us would have fun.

  • Vincent

    i wish Apple wouldnt allow Security in IOS 6.1 or all of the softwares so the Dev Team could figure it out and let us have Cydia on all of our devices.