Apple Now Holds the Trademark for iSight

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Can you believe that the first iSight camera came out almost ten years ago? Well, it’s taken a while, fine Apple didn’t apply until this year, but Apple now holds the trademark for iSight.

The patent is pretty straightforward and covers the use of a digital still or video camera in computers or portable electronic devices:

In 2003 Apple introduced a breakthrough in video conferencing via iChat AV software and the new external iSight digital video camera. While the external iSight camera is no longer on the market as a separate peripheral, the iSight camera has resurrected as an internal camera integrated into Apple’s latest iPad 4 and iPhone 5 delivering 8-megapixel photos and stunning 1080p HD video quality that really shines on Apple’s Retina Display. Today the US Patent and Trademark Office published the certificate that registers Apple’s iSight trademark under number 4,260,675.

It’s interesting, I think, that the rear camera on iDevices is now called the iSight, while the front camera is the FaceTime camera, but at first the iSight camera was intended for what the “FaceTime camera” does now. Yeah, just a quirk of naming, but interesting nonetheless.

Via: Patently Apple.

Photo from Flickr by Christopher Aloi.

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