Apple Pushes 27″ iMac Deliveries to January

2012 12 07 07 37 56

If you want a 27″ iMac, you’re going to have to wait until January to get your hands on it, at least if you’re ordering online.

9to5Mac noticed ship times in the U.S. and Canadian Apple Store Online changed the ship dates to just “January”, which could mean that the delivery times could slip even more. For the U.K store (where things are “dispatched” not “shipped”), 27″ iMacs still show 3-4 weeks for shipping estimates, I would suspect Apple will be updating all the online stores around the world in short order to bring them all in line.

2012 12 07 07 41 25

We knew that these new amazingly thin iMacs would be in short supply to start. That was clear from the day they were announced. While the 21″ iMac was available as scheduled, there were persistent rumors that Apple wouldn’t be able to make the November date for those. No word yet if the 27″ iMacs are still going to be in store on time.

HT: 9to5Mac

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