Apple Reportedly Rejects Microsoft’s SkyDrive App Update For Violating In-app Subscription Policy


The Next Web reports that Apple has rejected an update for Microsoft’s SkyDrive cloud storage app as it allowed users to purchase paid storage upgrades on their iOS devices without going through Apple’s in-app subscription mechanism, which violates Apple’s App Store review guidelines.

The Next Web reports:

Sources close to Microsoft have detailed to TNW a difficult, and perhaps unresolvable situation between the two companies that underscores the difficulty with certain Apple rules concerning its app marketplace, and how far the company is willing to go to protect its vaunted 30% cut of in-app revenues.

The difficulty began when Microsoft rolled out the ability for SkyDrive users to purchase more storage space on the service. From that point, the company was not permitted to update its application in the iOS App Store.

According to Apple’s App Store review guidelines, developers who offer paid subscriptions either have to use Apple’s in-app purchase feature or need to ensure that there is no link pointing users to external purchasing mechanisms.

The Next Web reports that Microsoft offered to remove the subscription options from the app, but Apple has still declined to approve the update. The reason for rejecting the app even after removing the subscription option is unclear at this point.

The standoff is also affecting apps that come with SkyDrive integration as these apps contain a “sign up” link that again violates Apple’s guidelines.

The update for Microsoft’s SkyDrive app includes a critical bug fix for a crashing issue, so until Apple and Microsoft don’t settle the matter, users of Microsoft’s cloud storage service will have to live with the annoying bug.

Via: The Next Web

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  • Joe

    Apple sucks my balls

    • Max Dell

      Sky drive sucks more balls!

      • BoatBoy

        Maybe true, but does Apple really have the right to block you/us from using it if we want?? I guess they do and are!

  • picturepete

    It’s so nice to see that Apple have their customers interests at Heart once again.

  • sam

    Apple go GAY!!!!! and go garbage!!!

  • Pacomacman

    There is more to this story than meets the eye as DropBox had a similar problem and they were approved after removing the purchase links. Sounds like Microsoft tried to pull a fast one or this story is incorrect. There is usually good reason for apps being rejected. I’ve had my apps rejected on several occasions, and always been able to resolve the issues!

    • BoatBoy

      Are you a major competitor to Apple? I seem to remember them doing this to other top 100 companies like Google. And not because of issues like this one.