Apple, RIM, and Samsung Want More Wireless Spectrum Available Faster


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Apple, RIM, Cisco, Samsung, and other tech companies want the U.S. Congress to open up more spectrum for wireless devices. Which would be a great step in making the wireless spectra we use now a lot less crowded.

In any reasonably populated section of city chances are there are so many WiFi hotspots available that it can be hard to maintain a solid signal even with stations close to you. Recently a colleague of mine was trying to call me from a convention and there were so many people online with their phone (there was no WiFi at the convention), that cell calls couldn’t get through.

What’s the problem? Not enough spectrum. A coalition of tech makers would like the U.S. Congress to pick up the pace at divvying up spectrum so other folks can use it:

A coalition of technology companies sent a letter to key lawmakers on Tuesday, calling for Congress to provide more airwaves for smartphones and tablet computers.

The letter was signed by Alcatel-Lucent, Apple, Cisco, Ericsson, Intel, Nokia, Qualcomm, Research In Motion and Samsung.

Although the Federal Communications Commission is currently working to implement a law to auction some TV stations’ airwaves, called spectrum, to cellular carriers, the companies said more auctions will be necessary.

Via: The Hill’s Hillicon Valley

Let’s all hope we can get more spectrum for the ever growing number of devices and ways we’d like to connect our devices to each other.

Photo from the Toronto Public Library Special Collections via Flickr.

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