Apple Wrongly Displays Listings For Holiday Games and Apps on Apple TV

apple tv appsListings on the Apple TV iTunes Store were recently updated with a specialised section dedicated to Holiday content, which not only includes music and movies but applications and games as well. As you know, the Apple TV platform hasn’t yet been opened up to third-party developers, leading us to believe that these listings were most likely delivered to the wrong device.

The banners for the incompatible apps and games are not functional, and open a blank page on being clicked. You can find the holiday section on your Apple TV by navigating to Movies -> Genres -> Classics -> Holiday Music, Movies, and More.

While this could spark off rumors about an imminent App Store for the Apple TV, especially amidst the constant murmur about the full-blown Apple Television, we still haven’t seen much activity from Apple’s side, not even rumors, that point to such a move. Even during WWDC, where Apple directly interacts with third-party developers, there was no mention of the Apple TV.

New platforms generally start with a small range of apps, and it’s very unlikely that in a matter of a few weeks, Apple will have a large enough variety of quality apps to populate highly specific categories like “Holiday cooking,” “apps for shopping” and “Snowsports.”

Apple will most probably pull-off these listings, and rectify the error that leads to the incorrect delivery of banners.

Via: Mac OS Ken, MacRumors

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