Apple Updates Lightning Guidelines, POP Kickstarter Can Proceed

Yesterday the world was abuzz that Apple killed a Kickstarter project that would have included a range a connectors for charging devices. Today, Apple has amended its documentation so that the project could proceed if the backers were so willing.

We caught this via Ars Technica which says:

“Our technical specifications provide clear guidelines for developing accessories and they are available to MFi licensees for free. We support accessories that integrate USB and Lightning connectors, but there were technical issues that prevented accessories from integrating 30-pin and Lightning connectors, so our guidelines did not allow this,” Apple spokesperson Tom Neumayr told Ars on Friday. “We have been working to resolve this and have updated our guidelines to allow accessories to integrate both 30-pin and Lightning connectors to support charging.”

This is great for all sorts of accessory makers who want access to the “Made for iPod” (MFi) program. Just checking the POP project blog there is no mention of whether the project will proceed or not.

We’ll keep you posted on this really cool project.

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