Apple Updates System Status with New Dashboard and Timeline

Right after the short iCloud disruption today, Apple has unveiled a new more detailed system status page for all Apple services. The new page shows green boxes when things are fine (like right now) and orange triangles when there is an issue.

When you visit the new Apple system status page you see something like this:

2012 12 13 12 52 05

In the detailed timeline you can skip back to see issues in the past (it only goes back to yesterday), as well as see what’s going on with a 10-hour sliding window. You can see the iCloud and Mail issues in orange.

This is a nice step in the right direction. Eventually I’d like to see Apple make each of the services clickable so you can get a detailed information on each service as well as any future downtime events. Of course this doesn’t deal with the larger issues of why Apple has so much trouble historically with cloud-based services in general, but we’re getting there.

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