The Best Use of UI Animations in iOS Apps

Although not directly noticeable to an average user, animations are a key part of the core experience of an iOS app. Developers and designers spend a considerable amount of time and investment to add delightful animations to their apps, and we’ve seen a lot of innovations in this area, the most popular of which was Loren Brichter’s pull-to-refresh interaction.

UI-focused site Beautiful Pixels has compiled a list of the best animations in iOS apps, highlighting how the iOS platform has matured since the first release of the iPhone.

We’ve embedded some of the best ones below:

Some of the best designers in the industry work on iOS apps, which is a major reason why many people still prefer iOS over Android. Ironically, Google has been doing some of its best design work on the iOS platform.

For the entire list head over to Beautiful Pixels, who’ve also been doing a series of “Best of 2012” posts, highlighting the best trends in app design.

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  • Pacomacman

    All 3 are pretty bad examples…

    • Wossuup

      Ya mums a bad example

      • Wossuup


  • Alan

    I find these animations too gimmicky. They’re cool when you see them the first time, but sometimes you just want to be able to skip them, especially the Passbook shredder animation. I would rather prefer the developer focusing on making the UI better and adding more features.

  • dadditude

    The National Parks one is nice, but the other two are terrible. The eBay one is especially atrocious.