Bing Search Social Sidebar Arriving on the iPad

Microsoft announced that Bing will support social sidebars in mobile Safari (iPad only). Of course my first reaction is “Bing who?”.

As alternatives to Google so, Bing isn’t bad. Actually often it’s rather good. Pity that really Bing is truly an afterthought to using Google. That said, the social aspect of Google search has met with mixed reviews. I find it both creepy and enlightening at the same time, undaunted, Bing is expanded its own social sidebar connections to the mobile world:

Earlier this week, we started rolling out a new streamlined design for our social sidebar feature making it easier to find people who are relevant to your search based on what they’ve shared, blogged or tweeted about. In a glance you can now see what friends, experts and enthusiasts have shared on leading networks including Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and Klout related to what you’re searching for.

Today we are announcing browser support for Safari on iPad (including iPad Mini) for the social sidebar. Whether you’re planning your night out or trying to decide where to vacation next, the sidebar now shows you upfront what friends and experts have shared—making it easier for iPad users to get stuff done.

Via: Bing Blog

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The screenshots are from the post (and of “meh” quality) and when I tried just now, the social sign in only offered Microsoft Account option and not Facebook as well. I’ll wait for the Facebook option to give this a full test drive (since I have a much better social graph on Facebook).

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I suppose the real question isn’t whether this is a good thing for Bing, but where Bing is relevant at all.

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