BlueStacks’ App Player Brings 750,000+ Android Apps To Mac


Back in June, BlueStacks, a company specializing in Android virtualization, had released a public alpha of the App Player for the Mac, that allowed users to run a limited number of Android apps on the Mac such as Fruit Ninja, Pulse etc.

Today, the company has released the beta version of the App Player, which gives access to more than 750,000 apps on the Mac.

The Android App Player is also available for Windows. BlueStacks uses a custom binary-translation codenamed Layercake to allow apps designed for ARM processors–including apps that use hardware-accelerated graphics to run on the Mac and PC.

The App player on the Mac means that users will be able to use popular apps like Flipboard on their Mac.

BlueStacks VP of Business Development John Gargiulo told TechCrunch that the company hopes that the launch of the Mac app will help make going “Android-first” more attractive to developers:

“We look at it from the POV of our mobile developer partners – they start out by deciding, what mobile platform do we build for first? What’s going to get the most distribution? Now with BlueStacks, building for Android first means they’ll get on all PCs and Mac,”

Earlier in the month, the company announced that the app has been downloaded more than 5 million times. BlueStacks has also partnered with ASUS and AMD to distribute the Android App Player on their devices and has also received an investment from Qualcomm.

Via: TechCrunch