• DanBurns91

    The original doesnt revert the carrier name back

  • tevni

    Is this only for the 5? Not working on Verizon 4S…

    • cAndy

      Unfortunatelly, It doesnt work on iphone 5.

      • Nick

        worked on my 5…

        • helpful

          Doesn’t work for CDMA iPhones

  • punish14

    never worked on iphone 4S Koodo

  • billybobthornton

    does not work on verizon 4s

  • Raoul

    Here is a video: http://youtu.be/qyr4BA50ifU

  • a.no

    Does it work with iPhone 4S?

  • instaa_useer_

    It obviously says. Carrier “LTE” which is only iPhone 4S. -.-

    • instaa_useer

      I mean 5*****

  • Eminem

    doesn’t work on iphone 4..?