China Unicom Passes 300,000 iPhone 5 Reservations Ahead of Friday’s Launch

If you’ve been keeping track if iPhone 5 reservations at China Unicom ahead of Friday’s launch, it’s 100,000 200,000 300,000.

According to Macworld iPhone 5 reservations at China Unicom have passed the 300,000 mark:

China Unicom received the 300,000 requests in the first week after it began accepting online reservations, it said on its official microblog on the Sina Weibo service. It also provided a breakdown of where the iPhone reservations are coming from in the country. The top place of origin is Beijing, followed by two of China’s largest provinces Guangdong and Shandong, and then the city of Shanghai.


What is going to be more interesting is how many iPhone 5s move in one day when it goes on sale in China this Friday. Not to mention, how quickly stock evaporates, if calm can be maintained, and how much dancing with glee will be done in Apple offices.

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