China Unicom Pre-orders break 200,000 and offering full subsidy on iPhone 5

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China Unicom took over 100,000 pre-orders for the iPhone 5 on the first day alone, now that mark has hit over 200,000. To top it off, they are offering a 100% subsidy (with a hefty deposit) on the iPhone 5.

Via TNW:

With the iPhone set to arrive in China next Friday, China Unicom has revealed that it has received over 200,000 reservations in just a couple days, doubling its original 100,000 first-day reservations. The company also announced that it will offer a full subsidy for the handset, with a minimum deposit of $947 (RMB 5,899) for the 16GB version.

The way the subsidy works is that the amount of the deposit is slowly refunded over months as the owner stay on their contract (the reverse of the way it’s done in other places, which a lower up-front cost, but penalty if you end the contract early).

Photo from Flickr by Cliffano.

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