China Unicom Takes 100,000 iPhone 5 Reservations in the First Day

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We know the iPhone 5 is going to be available in China on December 14th, but until now we could only imagine the pent up demand for the newest iPhone. Well, now we have an idea of the scale of demand: Over 100,000 pre-orders were taken by China Telecom on the first day alone.

TNW is reporting that China Unicom is taking pre-oders for the iPhone 5 in massive quantities, only requiring ID and personal info to reserve (no deposit):

After Apple announced late last week that the iPhone 5 is coming to China on December 14, China Unicom, the country’s second-largest wireless operator, began taking reservations on Monday, quickly receiving 100,000 online pre-orders, Sina Tech reports. A flood of orders came in by 4pm local time. China Unicom didn’t charge money for the reservations, instead requiring an ID card and other personal information to reserve orders for the first day.
From: The Next Web

Huge numbers considering China Telecom said it took 5,000 orders on Sunday for the iPhone 5 (it has been selling the iPhone 4S already).

These numbers certainly back up analyst projections of higher than projected iPhone 5 sales. It all sounds like it will be a great quarter for Apple.

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