CloudOn Comes to the iPhone and Supports SkyDrive

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CloudOn finally supports the iPhone, and the iPad mini to boot, in their latest update. As an added bonus for SkyDrive fans, you can open and save your docs from there too.

Microsoft has its work cut out for it trying to not only bring MS Office to the iPad, but also convincing people that Microsoft can provide something better than what is available already—for free. Case in point, CloudOn. It might not be the most beautiful implementation of MS Office on tablets and smaller screens, but it is really MS Office and it’s free. With today’s update, it’s going to be a lot harder for Microsoft to make inroads into the iOS market, even within businesses. Here’s some of the info from TechCrunch:

CloudOn, the popular free productivity service that brings Microsoft Office to mobile devices, just launched version 3.0 of its mobile app. With this launch, CloudOn is bringing its service to the iPhone, iPad Mini and Nexus 7. This means CloudOn is now available on all of Apple’s mobile devices, as well as on Android tablets running Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich version 3.1 or higher, as well as Jelly Bean tablets running Android 4.1 or higher. A version for the new Kindle Fire HD 7 should also be available shortly.

Today’s launch isn’t just about support for new devices, though. The company is also introducing support for Microsoft SkyDrive in addition to the already available support for Dropbox, Box and Google Drive. Unlike other productivity services, CloudOn isn’t interested in running its own cloud storage service. Instead, as the company told me earlier this week, the team wants to focus on doing what it does best: redefine productivity around mobile. “With CloudOn on the iPhone, iPad mini and Nexus tablet, we’re one step closer to ubiquitous mobile productivity,” said CloudOn CEO Milind Gadekar. “We continue to focus on our mission of reinventing productivity in mobile and social environments.”

I downloaded CloudOn a long while ago, and while I haven’t had an occasion to need it (between iWork and QuickOffice Pro I’m pretty well covered), but I did give it a shot on my iPad mini right now. CloudOn might not win awards making MS Office on a tablet gorgeous, but it’s certainly functional and useable. In fact, I’m going to load it on my iPhone for the rare times I might need to check out an Office document and one of my file viewers can’t manage it.

Yeah, Microsoft, keep fighting Apple on their 30% cut, by the time you cave or reach a deal no one will need MS Office for the iPad—at least from you that is.

Via: TechCrunch

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