iOS Concept: Do Not Disturb Integrated Into Calendar

Do Not Disturb is a really useful feature introduced in iOS 6 that lets you silence calls, notifications and alerts during meetings, naps and other times you’d not like to be disturbed. It can be enabled either by manually switching it on, or setting a specific DND period everyday between which you’d not like to be disturbed. While the scheduling is definitely convenient, it isn’t flexible enough to resemble real world DND patterns. For example, you won’t have a meeting all 7 days of the week on the same time.

What part of iOS represents your real world DND patterns accurately? Your Calendar, of course. So why not integrate DND into the Calendar app itself?

That’s what designer Joshua Tucker proposes in his new iOS concept. With an additional “Do not disturb” field in every calendar event, he says, you could automatically trigger the mode as the even starts and disable it once it concludes. Because the data is fetched from your calendar, it doesn’t need to be as rigid as the “Schedule” option in the DND settings, and can be configured from other devices as well (assuming you have syncing turned on). The integration would also be benefited from the recurring events option in Calendar, which lets you create daily, weekly, monthly or yearly events.


Here’s what Joshua says:

As an example, let’s say I have a college class at 10:00 AM, 1:30 AM, and 4:30 AM. I could just simply set a Schedule from 10:00 to whenever my class ends, or have to toggle it on and off that number of times.

It’s more efficient and productive to have to set it only once and it take care of it all for you. Since calendar events can span numerous weeks, months, and days, I can set Do Not Disturb in the event and it will mandate every single instance of that event until the event no longer repeats.

I also don’t have to worry either about forgetting to enable Do Not Disturb since it will take care of it for me. Of course, you can override it by turning Do Not Disturb off in Settings or changing the availability off Do Not Disturb.

Integrating Reminders as well would bring location as a trigger mechanism for DND mode.

The feature could even be more useful if DND could be activated using any sort of trigger, not just a Calendar event or a Reminder, but even, say for instance, a change in the state of the hardware mute switch. In fact, the ability to set up IFTTT like triggers to automate tasks on an iOS device would be pretty awesome to have. Jailbreak tweak Activator does this partially, and Android has apps that already do this.

What do you think of the DND Calendar integration, and the larger idea to have a system to automate tasks on your iOS devices?

Via: ModMyi

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  • blu

    I would love this. My work schedule varies every week and I am not supposed to have my ringer on at work. I already have my schedule on my phone calendar, so this would make it super easy.
    Same for my wife, she works a few hours in the AM and a few in the PM M-F and also is not supposed to have her ringer on.

    • Rounak Jain

      it’s surprising that apple doesn’t give an option to enable dnd when the hw mute switch is activated

  • Chinchan Zu

    wow! ive never thinked of this great idea! please apple support this! really nice feature!


    When I was using Nokia 6670 in 2004, this function (3rd party app, able to silent call, block call [white/black list], block sms, brighten/dim screen… etc based on the keyword you saved in calender) was already there.

    Only NOW, end of 2012, apple introduced this and those FOOLS feel happy about it as if it wasnever there before!!!

  • matthew redekopp

    I would love to be able to coordinate my calender by client and have the client/group linked to the DND favorites list so that when that client (or someone in the group) is booked for an hour in my schedule only he/they are able to get through on the DND block.