Don’t Look for App Updates or Bargains After Today

I know we all love our app updates and app bargains—especially at this time of the year—but starting tonight through the 28th we’re not going to be seeing any changes from the App Store. Why? Holiday break folks.

Apple’s holiday break starts tomorrow, or at least it does for iTunes Connect, which is what developers use to push out new apps, updates, and price cuts. Apple announced this holiday shutdown some time ago, but the day has come so if it isn’t on sale now, it won’t be until the 29th.

Everyone needs a break for the holidays.

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  • JCT

    really i dont get a break i work 24 and 25 tech support not even retail

    • Kiwiholden

      Don’t sook to us we don’t need to hear it.
      If you don’t like your job do something about it or pay someone to listen to your whingeing

      • Jeremy Taco Patterson

        I know, right!

    • moe22

      LOL fool, you chose that job. why do you complain about your choices? dont choose options that make you unhappy… LOL idiot.