Dropbox for iOS Updated with new Photo Browser and Easier Uploads

Dropbox has updated Dropbox for iOS with a photo browser, smoother uploads, and a new look. All very nice touches, I think

Via the The Dropbox Blog:

New photos experience

Now all of your photos are right at your fingertips with the brand new Photos tab. With just a tap, you’ll be able to scroll through a timeline of all the photos you’ve automatically uploaded (including the pocket-dialed ones too). And since Dropbox is a one stop shop for all your memories, you can also check out the photos you’ve uploaded from everywhere else!


I gave the new photo browser a quick try (I take so many photos, I’ve had to keep how many photos are stored in Dropbox to a minimum), and it is a nice change from the old look. At first I thought the automatic photo upload was gone (it’s a crucial part of my workflow), but it’s just hidden when it’s not active. Nice touch Dropbox!


Dropbox is, as you know, essential to how I use my Mac and mobile devices. It’s a tertiary backup location, file transfer service, and general archive of that I need to work. If you’re not using Dropbox, start! Sign up here (yes, I get a wee more free space too) and then download Dropbox from the App Store.

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