Facebook For iOS Updated: Faster Loading and Upload to Specific Album

Facebook just pushed out an update to their app that opens faster, loads news more quickly, and you can post photos to specific albums from the app.

While the iPad version still doesn’t have multiple photo uploads, the app over all does feel snappier when launching.

What’s New in Version 5.3 Post your photos to albums and enjoy a speedier app.

  • You can now choose an album when uploading photos
  • News feed loads more quickly
  • Completely rebuilt timeline opens faster on your iPhone

Picking an album is easy. From the upload photo screen, just tap the album icon:

2012 12 13 14 49 18

And you’ll see all your albums listed (or you can make a new one):

2012 12 13 14 48 39

The pick an album works on both iPhone and iPad versions of the app.

Facebook for iOS in the App Store

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