Facebook Unleashes Poke, Kills Snapchat

Remember when folks used to incessantly poke each other on Facebook? That bit of Facebook “fun” faded away of late, until now. Copying the app Snapchat, Facebook has launched its own temporary photo and video app called, you guessed it, Poke.

Mzl xeobvylz 320x480 75Snapchat has been dubbed the “sexting” app since you can send a photo or something to someone and the photo is supposed to self destruct after a set period of time. Of course if your friend takes a screenshot for later…

Well, Snapchat has proven so popular that Facebook as decided to copy and kill it out of existence. The app Poke lets you take a picture or record a video, add some text or doodles, and send it to your friends.

Poke is also supposed to let you know if your friend takes a screenshot of what you sent. At which point I guess your political career might be hooped.

Here is the iTunes description of the app:


Poke your friends to share fun moments or just say hello.

  • Poke a friend with a message, photo or video
  • Choose how long they can see it
  • Press and hold to see pokes from friends
  • Say where you are when you poke
  • See when your friends take screenshots

So, what do you think? As much as I think this is going to be loads of fun for some people, I think it will either be a) really annoying for most of us or b) grow old fast and die.

Via: Facebook

iTunes: Poke