First images of iPhone 5S?

Related to the “Apple’s suppliers leak info like sieves…”quip from yesterday, today we have some suspected images of the iPhone 5S. What’s different? Well, not too much actually. At least from the pictures that have emerged.

The pictures come via ETrade Supply and come with this caveat:

From the background, it seems that the pictures were taken at the assembly line of an operation stage. The photographer has showed the front and rear side of the housing, which looks very similar to the iPhone 5. However, the reason why we say it is a suspected iPhone 5s rear housing is that the specific information below the logo, which are replaced by “X”. Usually, the parts with “X” stand for test prototype.

What they are referring to is that in this picture:

Iphone 5s shell exterior

There is no “XXGB” or anything else to indicate prototypes (at least in the fashion Apple has done before). The back case outside image doesn’t look any different than current models, but the inside is different:

Iphone 5s 5 rear shells

MacRumors points out that the “iPhone 5S” could be pre-production versions of the iPhone 5 itself. No way to know for sure based on the placement of a few components and screw holes. Maybe this is the iPhone 5S, maybe not.

Next question would be when will Apple release it. What do you think? Spring? Summer? Fall?

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  • Apel P

    Fall I hope

  • Alan

    I would be pretty pissed if Apple gives us another iteration of the iPhone 4, which was launched in 2009. They can’t be so out of ideas.

  • AT&T Rapes Me

    6 months after the 5 was released. Just like they did with my ipad

  • Anton

    Is it wider? Or is that just me? :/

    • Tris Hussey

      I don’t think so. I tried holding my phone like the first picture and it looks pretty much the same.

      • Anton

        I see what I want to see x_x Apple sucks for making iPhone 5 16:9 :(

    • Sebastian Rasch

      I don’t know, are you wider?

      • Anton

        I’m almost as thin as an anorexic… So no xD I’m just blind evidently x_x

        • Andrew

          The fact that u told us ur as skinny as an anorexic tells me ur fat. Just saying. Also if apple releases another iPhone within six months of the five then I’m so going back to android. I left android cuz I was sick of being outdated if u will every six months. Apple better get their sh1t straight.

  • John

    4, 4S, 5, 5S, 6, 6S. nothing to see here folks.

  • aMaDeO

    another S? *yawn*

  • That’s that bs

    ill jump ship back to android if this is true.

  • lds710

    iPhone Pro?

  • Noneya

    If it is an iPhone 5S and they sell it as that it will only prove that Apple is starting to lack innovation. Hopefully I’m wrong and it kicks A$$ but I doubt it. Cough Cough 4-4S Cough Cough.

  • bruce

    MY next question would be: “Why do most articles on this site end with a question that has little to do with the article itself?”

  • dankvwguy

    if they do this before late summer im going to be pissed. i didnt pay $350 to have my phone replaced in less than 6 months.

    • dankvwguy

      personally i think its a prerelease picture