Foxconn Factories and Dorms Haven’t Improved, Could Even Be Worse

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French investigative program Envoyé Spécial has posted several videos secretly shot at Foxconn showing that conditions there haven’t improved, as much as Apple would like us to believe.

From the Envoyé Spécial page (translated by Google Translate):

For the first time, teams Upside television infiltrated plants, to reveal the interior, the working conditions of workers. Following their everyday we discover the lives of these employees dedicated to the production with an organization’s draconian labor. Dive into the Foxconn also allows us to understand the wave of suicides that have marked the company up to 13 dead a few months 2 years ago. Since the manufacturer has installed anti-suicide nets to all windows of buildings, libraries, or a call line, “the line of love.” Foxconn has also redeployed plants in remote areas of China, where wages are lower. But suicides continues at Foxconn employees, including those working on production lines last smartphone. The iPhone 5 is particularly difficult to make with it seems more pressure for employees. Investigating Foxconn in China is extremely complex. To make this documentary, he first had to avoid police controls. To reveal this “system Foxconn”, our participants chose to take considerable risks, penetrate hidden cameras in these plants as large as cities. Others, such as NGOs, members of civil society do not hesitate to make publicly speak against this giant of Chinese industry.

The videos are in French and I’ll have to see if we can find translations of them to get all the details, however conditions at Foxconn look and sound grim. This, folks, is the true cost of our iDevices:

From dorms that lack elevators, running water, electricity (or if they have power, it’s not safe) to workers toiling for 90 days without breaks, Foxconn and Apple will have a lot of questions to answer:

In addition, reporters met lower-paid student employees who were of legal age to work there but had no desire to do so, saying corrupt school administrators illegally told them they’d lose their diplomas if they didn’t take a job. Meanwhile, regular workers also claimed that much of their upgraded $290 monthly salary was still being absorbed by the company through housing, insurance and food – with one claiming he only had $340 left after a year of toil. While that might be due to corrupt businesses in the area, the journalists found that Foxconn also levied numerous charges against employees, including around $7 for a psychological test that’s supposed to weed out suicidal candidates. Labor groups claimed that many workers in the region were still putting in up to 150 hours of overtime per month while working up to 90 days straight without a break to make up the shortfall, far in excess of the company’s promises. (Via Engadget)

Apple gave a standard comment to Engadget:

“Apple is committed to the highest standards of social responsibility across our worldwide supply chain. We insist that all of our suppliers provide safe working conditions, treat workers with dignity and respect, and use environmentally responsible manufacturing processes wherever our products are made.”

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  • Max Dell

    I don’t care how they get treated, it’s a job. They apply and work, it’s up to that scum to make iPhones. It not the military lol, I even low ball the Military/Army is a freaking job you apply for! Lol….

    • Max Dell

      Christmas is coming and their hands should be trembling! They applied for this so called “god forsaken job!”

      • Max Dell

        I don’t want any nicks on my iPhone 5!

        • Johnathan

          Where is your heart? Where is your soul? Society has become too materialistic and filled with selfish, cynical debris like you. I can see Christmas has no meaning to you.

          • JCT

            no christmas dose have a meaning toys and more toys, whats a family gathering. go away people.

    • Ian Thomas

      I take it you skipped right past the videos.

  • m Arch Tom’s on Bar N Ass

    it’s a lie! i don’t buy a single line of all of that catholic church community members “crap” (and i-m not even watching those videos either, i doubt it is a real thing then i m not wasting time) instead , i believe catholic church community members are making all of these stories up because they’re losing manufacturing plants (planned for development and per capitalism compliance) in their own countries and trying to get plants back for labor worker class members in those catholic countries. (and to allow parasitic catholic church community to live out of the tax payments taken from the pay slip by the employer of those working class members) . i would say instead it’s some italian, spanish, polish or brazilian catholic christian community trying to discredit chinese industry and have manufacturing plants back in their own country) the whole story comes across typical lies of catholic community members for unfair competition and believe me, i had personal experience of catholic christian community members lies making it difficult to set-up and run a business even in european union, supposedly capitalism compliant but in fact regressing quickly for the large amount of ex-soviet union (eastern european countries and communist addicted) citizens infesting our land and territory. (EU)

  • Jack

    Wow the Chinese manage to troll American websites to future influence their idiotic and cruel business practices! These comments are obviously not from someone in this community.

  • Ashton

    These people know the working conditions when they apply for the job, you don’t apply to be a toilet cleaner and then complain about the mess

    • Johnathan

      First of all, know the country. Second of all, know the country’s economical, political, and social standpoint. Third, actually go visit there, I’ve been for 2 years for research. China is a huge country but it’s agricultural foundation only stems a fraction of the country. You need to know the environment and the people that inhabit the environment. Don’t be so narrow-minded. Before you make terse comments, think. Jobs don’t work there like they do here. You are a jerk.

  • Farfelu

    Chinese are very patriotic, they would do anything their leader says. Otherwise, China would not be there since 3000 years.
    How we perceive the attitude is based on our comfortable situation. The more comfortable the harder the situation seems. Somewhere half way from hardship and our comfort lays a fair trade.
    We are spoiled generation and we will eventually be overtaken by those who sacrifice leisure and pleasure for hard work.
    As for the videos, it could be any company and it doesn’t matter. It is a fact that in China work is hard. APPLE and IBM in the past know perfectly the situation. But IBM failed to produce quality and reliable product, they had to repatriate the factory in Mexico. Then eventually sold to China to become LENOVO.
    APPLE has a strong hand on FOXCONN. Government certainly love money and has too a strong hand on FOXCONN to remain reliable.
    At then end what is better? hard working people extracting diamonds or hard working people producing a toy for the world?

  • J

    If people over here are so concerned about this, then go over and make a difference instead of complaining. They don’t have to live like that. If they wanted a change they can make the change and clean up!

  • Kiwiholden

    As long as the job gets done I’m happy!
    China NEEDS MORE suicides to correct the over population, too many baby’s not enough death!
    Death is the most important thing in the world and the one thing humans don’t have enough of