Fresh Concepts for Notification Center

While I appreciate the new Notifications that iOS 5 ushered in, I’ve never been a fan of the Notifications Center (can’t say I even use it once a month). Some interesting concepts from Alex Saretzky could change that.

IPhone5notificationsCenterCompAlex’s Redesigning Notification Center post starts with this “truth hurts” opener:

The general consensus on the internet is that while the basic functionality of notification center is great – its got some real flaws in visual design and user experience. No one likes the linen – it doesn’t make sense. If there’s linen behind the screen (seen when you use Siri or the app switcher) then how can you also pull down a curtain of the same material over the screen? Its inconsistent and visually blah.

And continues, it’s the movie example showing his ideas in action that are very interesting.

He also has mock ups for the iPad and Mac as well:



Could work.

Via: The Loop

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  • Mystic

    Have no problem with the notification center as is, I actually use it all the time. But hey, that’s just me :)

  • pakaku

    It’s probably worth mentioning Zephyr can change the Notification Center, in a way that you can shift the ‘screen’ down and reveal NC behind it, rather than pulling down the NC over the screen.

  • Serdar

    I want to be able to see a calendar in my notification center, period! Whenever i need to see what the day is in iOS 6, i must search home screens where the calendar icon is. That’s why i miss my Jailbreak :(