From the Mind That Brought Us Halo and Marathon Comes Morning Star

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Bungie brought us Halo, and before that the Marathon series (man I miss that game), now one of the co-founders of Bungie, Alex Seropian has something new for us—Morning Star. Alex left Bungie and started Industrial Toys now we have a look at an iOS game coming for spring 2013 that looks pretty cool.

Morning Star is the first game from Industrial Toys and is described like this:

Our totally unreasonable goal is to completely change the expectations core gamers have for their mobile games, and with that comes a bunch of dialogue about what we’re doing and whether it’s gonna work or not. If you’re not already, follow us on Twitter for updates/banter and on Facebook for deeper discussion strings (we will answer every good question/topic or die trying). Soon, we’ll roll out a robust website for Morning Star with all sorts of the usual community toys, but until then, we’ll be talking about what we’re up to here on the blog and on those channels.

Well the trailer certainly looks cool:

HT: MacRumors

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