Fry’s Undercutting Walmart’s Price on the iPhone 5 by $1

2012 12 17 09 18 56

In the ever-growing iPhone 5 price war, Fry’s Electronics is undercutting Walmart’s price down to $126 (that’s saving $1) for the 16GB model.

I don’t know what’s coming out faster, rumors of an Apple Television or stores publishing larger and larger discounts on the iPhone 5. Today the price cutting champ is Fry’s, but given the standard “price matching guarantee” that more stores offer you know this price is going to trickle down to everyone else.

As we’ve suggested before—shop around. Retailers are fighting over your dollars, so finding the best price might take a little hunting, but it looks like patience is paying off for those who watch the sales.

As an aside, these retailers must be pushing AppleCare+, cases, and other accessories for these phones to make up the loss of margin on them. In Canada at least the margins on Apple products (from the reseller’s point of view) are razor thin—sometimes only 5% for Macs and iPads—so they’ve got to make up that loss some how.

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