Google Maps Effect: iOS 6 Adoption Grows By 29 Percent

ios-6-adoption-increaseiOS users are known to be quick adopters of the latest iOS software release, but with iOS 6 many people held off upgrading their devices due to Apple’s in-house mapping solution, which was inferior to the one it replaced. But over the past week, Google released Google Maps for iOS, bringing with it the widely praised location data as well as the previously missing turn-by-turn navigation and vector based maps to iOS.

This, as you’d expect spiked up the iOS 6 adoption rate, as backed up by mobile ad exchange firm MoPub’s analytics, which tracks more than 12,000 iOS apps.

TechCrunch reports:

MoPub provided TechCrunch with data showing a 13 percent increase in iOS 6 users just from Monday to Wednesday, indicating many people switched to the newest Apple mobile firmware as soon as Google Maps’ standalone app arrived in the App Store.

The remaining increase was likely delayed until the weekend and therefore not seen in Chitika’s data because people wanted to wait for positive reviews of Google Maps for iOS 6, or they didn’t have time to do the lengthy OS update and stare at a loading bar during the work week.

Google’s Maps app got downloaded more than 10 million times in just a couple of days, and has received an extraordinary amount of positive feedback since its release. It’s no surprise that adoption grew by nearly a third following the release of Google Maps on iOS.

Google also released an iOS SDK for developers to embed Google Maps inside their applications, offering an alternative for the system’s inbuilt MapKit framework.

Were you one of the people who held off the iOS 6 upgrade until Google Maps arrived on the App Store?

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