Google Play Might Be Growing Faster, But Still Lags Behind Apple in Revenue Generated

We know in the smartphone world, it’s the app economy that is really king. The leaders? Well Google and Apple of course. A new study is out today that shows that while Google Play is growing faster than the App Store, it isn’t making nearly as much money.

Distimo focuses heavily on revenue generated from apps (their report used data from the top 20 countries contributing to app store revenues), not as much on growth. Three of their big points are below: 

  • Google Play showed tremendous growth during the past four months, with an aggregated growth in daily revenue of 43% across 20 of the largest countries, while the Apple App Store for iPhone and iPad grew by 21% in daily revenue in the same period.
  • Even though the growth in revenues in Google Play in the last four months is close to that of the Apple App Store in 2012, the growth in daily revenues in the Apple App Store was higher than the total daily revenues in Google Play when comparing absolute daily revenue values. 
  • Looking at the worldwide download volumes, the app store opportunity is large. On a typical day in November 2012, the revenues in the Apple App Store exceeded $15M USD, while in Google Play the revenues are just below $3.5M USD in 20 of the largest countries in both app stores

Google Play, although not at Apple’s levels of revenue yet, is certainly catching up. But, let’s be realistic here, Google’s emergence into the app economy is only a few months old. Apple has had years to develop the userbase and “app base” for people to start spending money on. I’d say 43% growth in just a few months is pretty darn good. With huge potential still in the Google Play market, I believe these early numbers will encourage more developers to push out Android apps sooner. Sure, iOS might keep the crown for getting the cool apps first, but I don’t think it’s going to stay that way for long. I’d bet by this time next year we’ll see more simultaneous platform launches and even the now rare Android first launch will be more common.

Almost makes me want to learn how to code and make an app.

Via: TNW and Distimo

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