Guy Kawasaki Leaves iOS for Android, But Is This a Problem?

Guy Kawasaki is the progenitor of all Apple fan boys and girls. He was Apple’s Chief Evangelist in the early Mac days and has been a huge Apple fan—until now. Today Guy uses all Android mobile devices (nothing said about his choice of desktop or laptop), why? Because Apple missed the innovation boat for him.

In a ReadWrite interview with Dan Lyons (aka Fake Steve Jobs), Guy says he stepped away from the iPhone a year ago to be able to use LTE networks and it was just a slippery slope from there to a Galaxy S3 and a Nexus tablet.

What does this say about Apple and its products? Well, the devil is in the details I think. First, we know that Apple has one of the highest customer retention rates (somewhere around 90%), so Guy Kawasaki is the exception rather than the rule here. What is important is seeing that Apple might be losing its edge in the “edge case” market. Folks like me and a lot of you. We try a lot of the newest things. We like to be first (or nearly first) to have a new device on the market. We tend to both be tolerant of first generation problems, but can also pan a device too early in its life (yes, a huge contradiction there, I know).

We talk about Apple losing its edge and not longer being innovative, and that is a real issue for Apple, one that Tim Cook and the newly reformed executive team are likely concerned about. I think, at least for me, one of the reasons why I haven’t been seriously tempted by Android devices is purely app inertia.

I have a lot of apps. Many of them I bought, and some weren’t cheap either (yes, I do receive a lot of promo codes for apps, but certainly not all of them), so I’ve held fast to the notion that if I were to switch to Android I would have a ton of app to buy (again). That’s kept me in the iOS fold, and probably will for some time.

However, if a competitor comes out with something that I need to do my job (in Guy Kawasaki’s case LTE was worth the switch), it might be a tough call—if I was in a position to act on it. Given phone subsidies (here in Canada mobile contracts are three years, so there is always an extra sting to Apple announcements), many folks aren’t in a financial position to forego their subsidy and pay for a new gadget.

So, while it’s rather shocking that the father of Apple Fans isn’t using iOS, it’s not a huge deal in the scheme of things. Hey, at least he hasn’t fallen for Windows Phone 8.

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