Hackulous – Creators Of Installous Shuts Down; Bringing An End To Piracy Of Apps At Least For the Time Being


While there are a number of great reasons to jailbreak your iOS device, one of the reasons why some people jailbreak their iOS device was to pirate apps.

Installous and AppSync created by the Hackulous team made it very easy to install pirated apps on your jailbroken iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

If you’re a developer then the good news is that Hackulous has shut down, which means that users won’t be able to install Installous and AppSync.

The Hackulo.us team has posted the following message on their website:

We are very sad to announce that Hackulous is shutting down. After many years, our community has become stagnant and our forums are a bit of a ghost town. It has become difficult to keep them online and well-moderated, despite the devotion of our staff. We’re incredibly thankful for the support we’ve had over the years and hope that new, greater communities blossom out of our absence.

With lots of love,
Hackulous Team

While it doesn’t mean an end to piracy forever as someone could always come up with a new method to pirate apps, this news should definitely come as a relief to developers for the time being.

The piracy of apps also ended up giving jailbreaking a bad name.  Sometimes we wonder whether Apple would have taken a different stance if jailbreaking was not used for illegal activities such as piracy of apps.

Thanks everyone for the tip!

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  • Rick

    It´s a sad day.

    • http://profiles.google.com/sebastian.rasch Sebastian Rasch

      Not really.

  • Rebel

    What kind of bullshit is this? why on EARTH would they shut down the whole thing? site’s not getting a lot of attention? ok shut down the site but why the app and everything it stands for?

    • Kevin M

      It’s really quite simple. The same thieves that would use this app to pirate legit app store apps cause they feel they are entitled and they don’t have to pay the developer for their hard work and time, are also the same people who won’t donate money to this team that runs this site and app. Running this kind of thing costs time and money, and unfortunately the debs are a victim of their own users moral standards.

      While I give the devs credit for being smart enough to do something i could not easily do IF I had wanted to, I have never supported the idea of using stolen, cracked apps, and screwing honest devs out of the money they deserve, and I’m kind of glad to see that this part of Jailbreaking is gone.

      • Tom

        People may have donated if they had ever asked. No one used their site so they should have had a popup in the app soliciting donations. They will be replaced within a month by something better so this part of jailbreaking is not dead ands its a good thing for Apple because I wouldn’t buy their devices if they didn’t have this feature.

        • Zangpakto

          they actually did have a donate option on install0us…. shows how much people looked etc lol…

      • bdone

        its not gone fag. another one will always spring up in it’s place. and vshare is better anyways. it downloads instantly directly from the source and installs with no bullshit waiting. the internet is for the free world! anything uploaded is subject to be found free. if you dev your shit and it’s that good, then you stay ahead of the security curve like a smart person. look at asphalt 7…it won’t let me play it unless i turn off all data to the phone. installous was the runoff of people figuring out the security in ios apps. once they figured out how to not need a signature from the appstore, it was all over. either progress and evolve…or die. and fuck you ios devs that make shitty apps and then describe it as a good app, charge people money and then won’t return it. and fuck you ios devs that make solitaire or something stupid (that’s been done before) just because you can do some basic programming. you copy an old idea and put it on cocoa or something and charge people for something you didn’t come up with. did you develop solitaire or pay them royalties? NOOOO!! YOU STOLE THEIR INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY. im just not waiting until you die to enjoy your app. haha. if i like it enough, i might actually buy it. but i mostly buy apps from cydia, like mywi or lockinfo. things i can use extra on the os. but i have bought a couple apps.. thumbjam, topcamera, athome camera, iteleport <<best apps for iphone
        jetcar stunts, monopoly, rope n fly, absolute heli sim, 21 pro. all good games…have a nice day

    • http://rounak.me/ Rounak Jain

      Basically because they didn’t have enough money. In case you weren’t aware, installous had a huge server side component, which possibly incurs a lot of costs.

  • Kimk69

    Any good apps that I used installous for I now own by paying money for. The gimmicky ones that were cool for a week were deleted from the device after a while. I don’t know, I don’t like the piracy thing to much but it did save me money using installous from wasting money on junk apps that only get used a few times.

    • http://rounak.me/ Rounak Jain

      Both windows and android have trials :(

      Nothing on iOS. They could easily do what android does – let users buy apps, and allow for a no-question refund within 48 hours of purchase

      • shrug

        its 15 minutes… not 48 hrs.

        • http://rounak.me/ Rounak Jain

          Oh, that’s next to useless

          • tratiikxt1t4n

            well… not really. If an app is really sh*t, it could be a good reason to have a cancel order option :P

      • http://profiles.google.com/sebastian.rasch Sebastian Rasch

        Yes, there are a lot of “light” versions in the app store. Sadly not for each and every app but that’s up to the developer, not to Apple.

  • Alan

    Finally, good riddance!


    “Some people” I’m pertty sure more then half the people that had jailbreak devices also had installous and pirate apps

  • Trevor

    I agree with Kim, I got some of Installous for testing, a lot of rubbish out there, and legally bought the ones worth buying. Would not surprise me if Apple had something to do with this, either legal or some financial benefit to the owners of Hackulous


    Main reason for shut down prolly poor donations…. Money runs everything

  • Steve

    This alone will make me switch to android. Closed iOS Eco system is too restrictive.

    • seriously

      What does this have to do with the closed ecosystem? You can still jailbreak, just like before. The difference is that you can’t pirate. So if this is making you switch, it’s because you’re unwilling to pay for stuff, not because of the closed ecosystem.

      • Sky

        yes, but it makes people switch. Not everybody is willing to pay 100USD for a navigation app

        • Kevin M

          That is the dumbest argument I’ve ever heard. Then don’t buy the navigation app. Why do you think you are entitled to it? There are plenty of other, free navigations apps out there. Why do you think you should get it for free when the devs put in their time and effort to make it.

          How about this? Go to work next week, and the send me your paycheck for that week, as you don’t need to be paid for your time and effort either. What!? Not willing to do that!? Gee. I’m not surprised…

          • omostan

            Don’t be too so cynical about the whole thing. Just because people have to be paid for their work, doesn’t mean it should be exaggerated. Some Apps are just too expensive. Navigon and TomTom are just few examples. I agree with you people should pay for useful Apps. And there has to be a way to try these Apps before buying. Install0us was one way to do just that. The prices has to also be reasonable.

          • Zangpakto

            Well… with google maps now updated… what is point in buying those nav apps now? You have free turn by turn voice with sat image etc…. Same with apple maps that is being constantly updated and will eventually catch up. Heck from what remember they changing partners for navigational data now because of whole fiasco initially with maps…

          • anon

            on android they have a free version and a paid version free version have these really annoying ads

          • bcsc

            There is a difference here. Have you ever met a poor Dev? No, they make great money. This is not an excuse to steal apps, but it certainly can not be likened to giving away an entire paycheck. Kind of like how poor unfortunate billionaire Hollywood is starving because of those movies you download.

          • Zangpakto

            Yes… I’ve met a few poor devs… just because major companies also are on the app store for both mac and iOS, doesn’t mean all devs are rich lol… what a load of rubbish…

          • anon

            they still get paid moron

          • bdone

            im sure you steal or support stealing intellectual property all the time, you just don’t notice cause theres not some douchebag telling you when you do it. haha +the app was $50 when it came out, not $100. now it’s $30. it’s still better than google because you don’t need internet to get the maps, they are already downloaded. and that technology has just been developed over time, with big companies sharing and stealing the main idea and copying the map data over. youre basically paying 30 bucks for a downloaded copy of a good map of the US, or whatever region. im not paying it. vshare and torrents will keep us up. im just waiting for the jb for ipad mini, so i can buy it. the first thing i will do is hack the shiit out of it, so i can get as much as i can for free. :) fuck android. they can’t even stand in on the same race. their shitty ass looking apps that barely work and secretly collect data and send it off to make you have even more ads. i don’t even have ads in pandora anymore haha!

    • http://rounak.me/ Rounak Jain

      Dude seriously?

      You didn’t think it was closed because of the lack of an iOS jailbreak, but the moment hackulous site shuts down, you’re all like OMG I need open.

      I’m assuming you’re using Linux on your laptop/desktop as well

      • Zangpakto

        I am :P BackTrack 5 side by side with mac os 10.8 and windows 7 :P
        And if you haven’t tried BT5 yet, your missing out :D

  • david arnttzen

    this was the last drop,time to give s3 a go.

    • http://rounak.me/ Rounak Jain

      In that case you deserve the quality of apps on android

      • david arnttzen

        jhee right,cause ios apps are so special.i own these divices because of the emulators.and on s3 android they are infact better.

      • shrug

        ^^ delusional. the best apps usually make it to android anyway. maybe a month or two later, but they usually do.

        • http://rounak.me/ Rounak Jain

          Even if the apps do make it to android, the level of detail is insane in iOS apps

  • Jremy

    Time to switch to the GS3

  • Jsmith

    This is terrrible. I didn’t want to believe when this site posted the question a few weeks ago, but now I am really starting to believe that jailbreaking is dead for good.

  • grim reefa

    There are plenty of other ways to download/install pirated apps on your device. Installations was just one way.

  • bcsc

    looks like it’s time to start familiarizing yourselves with APK’s. If you are the shady type such as myself, you will find Android and it’s apps very friendly to your needs.

    • Email Account

      LOL… These Apple ding dings don’t know better. Make the switch, Apple users, I did a while a ago ans I can do it all PLUS with my jellybean device. Just admit it; your iDevice sux with no jailbreak, and you’re not getting a solution. Your only hope; Jellybean :-)

  • Opyz

    The best news in years!! Glad to hear this brilliant news time to pay like it supose to be, now developers can be more motivated and makes greaters app and make their money to live and pay theirs bill

    • Pacomacman

      Couldn’t agree more… Not sure how they managed to survive as long as they did without having their asses kicked. Only a small handful of devs make a good living from mobile apps, we need all the help we can get!

  • peros

    nO nooOOoo tell me im dreaming

  • pitooakley23

    uuufffff!!!! :(;(;(;(;( nooooooooo icant’n beee!!!!

  • Damien

    If you have the deb files no need for their repo

    • http://rounak.me/ Rounak Jain

      Not necessarily for future versions

  • ThisWillChangeNothing

    Bye Bye Install0us, Hello vShare :)

  • S K

    Glad to see they went down. I loved my jailbroken phone, but I never pirated a single app. Maybe that will give some more motivation to Apple to not block jailbreaking anymore. I love my iPhone 5, but without a jailbreak, it’s not as good as it can be. My next phone will be an Android phone if no jailbreak comes out soon.

  • Roddisq

    Well…more and more iphone dives into disgrace… No JB in sight…iphone will become a niche device, sales will plummet. Obsolete software, locked ecosystem in hardware and software, apple lives as they are alone on the planet..love me or leave me….as time goes by it will be forgotten as it own creators made it to be…iphone was a over protected baby by their own parents and lots of people are now migrating for a better, free, open system…wait and see. Im not the one who is saying it, just look around.

    • Zangpakto

      I can say yay? I mean… apple sales were actually niche devices mostly used by media and photo studios etc… then hipsters and idiots came on and like omg this hipster or whatever you guys do and then now it isn’t cool, you abandon… yet those who have used since the companies first mac, will stay with it…. People change all the time, apple has a fan base, it isn’t based on jailbreaking…. lol… never was based on jailbreaking and in fact while I jailbreak devices for people, I have met more people WITHOUT a jailbreak, than people WITH a jailbreak… Jailbreaking was never the be all end all of apple devices I’m sorry… And pirating apps is illegal no matter what way, oh and Android actually is closed… If you’ve even made your own linux distro or edited code freely without limits, you’ll know what I mean.. It is more open than iOS yes, but it is far from being true open source…. lol

  • Deano

    Musclenerd,pod2g,planetbeing,comex these are the men you need to thx for this because they will not release the 6xx jail break which they have and use its a fact was at jailbreak.con and all had iPhone 5 jail broken they wanted installous to shut down and they have said it more than once…………. It’s over

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Livingstone-Mncl/1559379114 Livingstone Mncl

    Some thing is Happening so silently out there :((

  • Apel P

    That just sucks. I had installous since 2009. How am I supposed to know whether an app is good or not. I mean there are apps I thank god I didn’t buy because of installous. I haven’t had it for a while because I switch to i5 the day it came out and I have wasted at least $10 on useless apps. That’s why I like the Microsoft store. You can try any app free. Next year if the iPhone 6 comes out and it’s not that much better ill probably stick with the 5 or get the new android that’s good.

    • Pat

      Been using iphone 4 for two years, badlly looking forward to using iphone 5 even though I could upgrade to a new device 9 month before 5 release. I was still waiting for iphone 5, now with iphone 5 in my hand, all I could tell people is it’s a little lighter with a larger screen. That’s it, seriously! I was not impressed with iphone 5 at all. I totally agree with you, if iphone 6 still sucks like this one, I will absolutely consider to switch.

  • PiSS OFF :)

    If no jailbreak coming soon or ever. Switching to Android. No point in having iPhone anymore.

  • Gelo

    That’s the worst news for the New Year’s Eve((

  • DarreNinNC

    Torlock has been down also. Wonder if they are connected?

  • david arnttzen

    As a DEV talking to another DEV.your way of subject.these emulators im talking about are free wise guy:).how can you pirate free app?but jhee im stealing free apps.haha:).ps i make my own emulators.and by the way this site is iphone hacks site.your not hacking are you?.Sounds like what you`ll do…smartass!!

    • Zangpakto

      I know they are free, what I mean about emulators is that there are other repos dealing with them :)

      And considering in spare time I offer services for data recovery, password retrieval and pen testing… I guess you could say I hack… And get paid for it so that fun haha :)

      I don’t pirate apps though… I know how it can hurt so don’t do it… However jailbreaking is fun for the tweaks and mods and now I need a JB for a gba emulator or snes emulator for my ipad mini haha :)

  • joe

    bye ios … hello android !

  • BCSC

    If I come and steal your car, you no longer have one. If I come and steal your app, you no longer have one……….Wait something isn’t right here. If I pirate your app, and you still have it, I’m not stealing am I. Ooh you Poor rich DEV

    • Zangpakto

      It’s the intellectual property that is stolen.

      Same as when these patent lawsuits are being filed etc? Those using the intellectual property are doing so without the owners consent and that is the issue. You can’t steal the idea, but you can steal the intellectual property.

  • Onlineedition

    That’s it for me about apple. Here come the Google Nexus 4. All about the freedom. This is way android own 75% mobile market around the world. Everyone please say good bye to iPhone for me.

  • tratiikxt1t4n

    goodbye Install0us. We had a long run…

  • john

    This is a great thing for jailbreaking. Installous has only undermined jailbreaking.

    Jailbreaking exists for installing unsigned apps on iphone,and to add various tweaks that improve iphone experience, not for piracy

    This can only give a boost to jailbreaking community

  • Rick

    Just an fyi – theres still “appcake”

  • Oblivion

    How do I jailbreak Ipad2

  • lggeek

    I’m glad , like most of the JB community I don’t support pirating apps. Most of the JB community JB’s their iPhone to customize to their personal tastes not steal sotware.
    Many of the apps I have on my JB iPhone have been bought and if Apple would lighten up and allow tweaking I would buy new iPhones a lot sooner than I have been.
    Jail Breaking is not for stealing.

  • http://twitter.com/0xBx0 0xBx0

    They closed and Applecake came which can be accessed through sinfuliphone


    no no no no non on NO! :( I NEEDED DIS. uh.. anyone have a GREAT SECOND VERSION? and dont say the stupid openappmkt OMG possible -1 stars.. frozen screen time anyone?