Haiku Deck and SlideShare Pair Up to Make Presentations Cool Again

If you want to share your presentations far and wide online—and have them easily sharable—SlideShare is your best bet. If you want to avoid boredom from PowerPoint, then the free iPad app Haiku Deck is the solution. Today the two have joined forces and presentations will, hopefully, be better from now on.

SlideShare is, by far, the best and easiest way to share presentations online. You can check out my presentations on SlideShare (including the one I did on Macs at Work using Paper by FiftyThree) if you wish, but really the big news is this from Haiku Deck:

Haiku Deck by Giant Thinkwell is a new, simple take on creating presentations. The app—Haiku Deck for iPad—is free and it might take a little to get the hang of, but it makes sense pretty quickly.

The premise here is that Haiku Deck forces you to simplify your statements and thoughts into short ideas. Remember, slides shouldn’t give your talk but serve as guideposts along the way. Haiku Deck forces that on you.

Integration with SlideShare is a clever way to be able to quickly share your presentations and that you can even add audio voiceovers and video to as well (since the slides might not get the entire point across).

I haven’t been doing much presenting lately, so Haiku Deck isn’t on my iPad right now, but I did grab it first thing when it first came out. I recommend trying it out and then uploading something cool to SlideShare.

Via GeekWire

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