HUD Pro: Jailbreak Tweak Gives You To Easy Access to Additional Info Via iPhone’s Volume HUD

HUD Pro is an interesting new jailbreak tweak that displays information on iPhone’s volume HUD (heads-up display).

Currently, when you press the volume buttons, it displays the HUD with the volume level for the ringer, audio etc. depending on which app is open.

HUD Pro allows you to customize the volume HUD to display additional information so that you can easily access it with the volume buttons from any app.

The jailbreak allows you to display information such as date, time, battery life, song name, song’s artist name etc. in two lines. You can configure this via the Settings app.

In addition to this, you can also configure gestures such as one finger two taps, two fingers one tap and two finger two taps when the HUD is activated, that allows you to lock the iOS device, play/pause music, skip a song, compose a new mail or text message etc.

It also offers few customizations such as the ability to disable the background of the HUD.

You can check out the video walkthrough of HUD Pro below:

HUD Pro is available for $1.5 on Cydia.

The idea behind the tweak is quite neat, as it allows you to quickly access information without leaving the app that you’re currently using. Unfortunately, the information that can be accessed currently using the tweak is quite limited to recommend buying the tweak for $1.5.

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