iCloud is Down for Some Users–Resolved

From Apple system status some users are having issues with iCloud. Update: Apple has given the all clear.

Today is not a good day to be relying on iCloud.

We’ll update you as this develops.

Update 11:37 AM PST: According to Apple system status things are back to normal. At least Apple’s version of normal.

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Categories: iCloud

  • WildBill9478

    All is not normal. I just finished a spreadsheet for work and my boss is waiting on me to email it but I can’t access it because when I exited the book it started trying to upload it to iCloud, I guess to sync. So now I have to work late until I can access the spreadsheet to email it. Awesome.

  • StoppedDrinkingYourCoolaid

    iCloud seems to be seeing a lot of sunny days lately.